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The Clinic

A dental clinic of the highest quality that carries out clinical practice, research & development, and training.

Our medical team is made up of highly experienced surgeons and dentists with an international diplomas.
Our goal is to offer the best treatment solutions for our patients’ individual needs.
Our services cover all our patients’ needs, from a simple check up to the most advanced surgery. Our procedures follow minimally invasive protocols, and are designed to achieve the maximum result with the minimum biological impact so as to facilitate rapid healing. To guarantee this, we use the latest techniques and technology.

Dr Michel Karouni is a holder of a degree of dentistry, Implant surgery and Prosthodontics from Paris VII University. His private practice is exclusively devoted to the periodontology and the implant surgery. He is specialized in the advanced Implant surgery and in bone grafting.
He also wrote numerous national and international publications.

Since 2010 he is instructor in the training institute for advanced implant surgery in Paris. He received many awards as a best speaker.

Dr Michel Karouni is a speaker at some international implantology congresses and he is co-author of published articles on immediate-loading and implantology in Europe. (Click here to check Dr Karouni's CV)

Our practice is endowed with 3 treatment rooms, 1 surgical unit, a sterilization standards room, as well as an surgery desk for personal use and a rest (relaxing) room.
All conditions are combined for a perfect success of your implant.

If you have lack of only one tooth, several or even all teeth, visit Karouni Dental Clinic where you will find the right oral rehabilitation solution with implants for your case. Recover your quality of life and smile once again with confidence!

Why choose Karouni clinic (Particular strengths)

Since its establishment in 2015, Karouni dental Clinic sustained its exponential growth in several distinguished factors that were crucial for in just a few years having global recognition in Implantology and Dental Aesthetics.

  • Science and Innovation
  • Throughout the years Dr Karouni developed many techniques of immediate restoration on dental implants. This approach makes possible that edentulous people, even at the most complex cases, can have fixed teeth in just one visit, through a quick and minimal invasive procedure and without need of bone grafting. As a result of its continuous Research and Development, Dr Karouni is co-author of several textbooks and published more than 15 scientific articles in numerous international and national peer-review journals.

  • A Medical Team for Each Specialty of Dental Medicine
  • Aiming to provide you with a high standard quality service, Karouni Dental Clinic has available a numerous team of experts, working exclusively on a specific area of Dental Medicine. This model allows that during the several stages of the treatment plan, patients can receive a detailed and personalized supervision by a doctor from the area in question.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan
  • When you first come you will be examined by Dr Karouni and your medical history will be reviewed. A comprehensive exam will be performed which includes sophisticated diagnostic imaging generating a 3D CT Scan of your jaws. This will allow us to evaluate all aspects of your oral health and then decide about the appropriate Treatment Plan for you. Therefore, every Treatment Plan is made according to the specific needs of each patient, and considering all the steps that patients should take in order to end up with a perfect oral condition, functional and esthetically.

  • High Standard of Quality and Comfort
  • Besides the continuous process of Research & Development, Karouni Dental Clinic bases its mission on the high standard of medical services, equipment, environments and patient amenities, always with a focus on the quality of patient care.Respecting strict hygiene and safety standards is our goal by using latest technology of sterilization machines.

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